General information


What is the Stars Insight community?

The Kantar GmbH enables you to give actively feedback on several automotive/ Mercedes-Benz topics within the Stars Insight Community. Members of the community are invited regularly to express their opinions on brands and new products and share ideas and experiences through short online questionnaires or discussion forums.


What information is required to become a member of Stars Insight?

Your member profile will contain your email address and important data such as your age and gender. You will also be asked different questions about your preferences.


Will I be able to choose what types of activity I take part in?

Yes. We will use the information you entered in the recruitment questionnaire to send you invitations to activities matching your preferences.


How can I unsubscribe from the community?

You can unsubscribe if you open your profile (click on your user name on the top of the page). Under “edit account” you have the chance to “cancel account”. Your account will be removed and all account information will be deleted.


Will the information contained in my profile be sold to third parties?

The information collected by Stars Insight will not be sold or communicated to other companies. All information is strictly confidential and respect for privacy is guaranteed. Your information will never be sold, exchanged or communicated to a third party without your explicit consent. Please consult our Confidentiality Policy for more details.


What do I need to do if I forget my password?

If you can’t remember your password, simply click on the “Request new password” button on the login page for the Stars Insight portal to receive a new password by email.


Technical problems
If you encounter any technical problems, please use the “contact” button in footer of the website.





What is a Hotspot?
A Hotspot usually consists of a survey and several discussions dealing with a special topic. A hotspot lasts about one or two weeks.




How can I write a comment on a specific topic or thread?

To write a contribution within an existing discussion just click on “add new comment” to add your comment or on “reply” to respond to a post by another user.

Using pictures in your comments:

Copyright is a complex and difficult issue. It is not always clear to whom licensing rights belong to. We therefore advice you to always state the source (e.g. URL, that you got the picture from) of the pictures that you upload within the community.

Will my participation be compensated?
Yes! You receive points for your Hotspot activities. 1 bonus point is worth 1 USD.
Within a hotspot you can earn bonus points in two ways:

  • Discussions:
    You will receive cubes for your comments in hotspot discussions. Depending on the quality of the post you get up to 3 cubes. All collected cubes of the Hotspot are converted into points at the end of a Hotspot and credited to your points account. 
  • Surveys:
    You automatically get 5 points credited to your account when you take part in a survey. For particularly long surveys, 30 x 5 points will be raffled among all survey participants. These will also be credited to the points account.

For each Hotspot there is a certain total amount of points available, which is distributed among the Hotspot participants based on their collected cubes and completed surveys. The amount of points available may vary by Hotspot. You can see an overview of your cubes collected in the Hotspot on the respective Hotspot page under the tab "Hotspot Cubes".
You can view your score at any time under your profile below your profile picture or in a more detailed form there under the tab "Points".


How do I redeem my collected bonus points?

Vouchers will be paid out automatically at the End of each quarter year. You can choose one voucher option per quarter. Details will be communicated in due course.

Starting on July 1st, 2022 you will collect points until the End of September and will automatically receive your vouchers for the third quarter (July-August-September).




What does Kantar do with my contributions?

The evaluation of the community contents takes place continuously. The results are used by the respective specialist departments of Mercedes-Benz who initiate the certain Hotspot topics. So, you don't work on a single large project, but support many important decisions and the people behind them with your opinions and input.


What do I need to do if I forget my password?

If you can’t remember your password, simply click on the “Request new password” button on the login page to receive a new password by email.


Can the community provide any help concerning problems with my vehicle?

No, unfortunately not. In case of any complaint or problem concerning your Mercedes-Benz vehicle please contact the Customer Assistance Centre of Mercedes-Benz: 00800 97777777.